“Nature. Sustainability. No waste”.

This is a unique opportunity for corporate and private groups to experience Ghillie’s culinary expertise combined with Zeki’s traditional skills.

It is very much an outdoor experience with some walking involved but it can be adapted to suit different abilities and preferences.

The experience kicks off with a nature walk to collect some wild ingredients but also to learn about the medicinal and traditional uses of the plants and trees around us. Once back in the whisky barn, the activities will be divided between the preparation of wild food, local produce, spices, traditional fire-lighting and utensil-making.

As everyone gets involved in some way, a feast comes together using fires and rock ovens and you can relax and enjoy the food with a dram.

This is a Day experience, which only takes place twice a month from May until October.

* You can adapt this day to include extra traditional skills with Zeki.

Forage & Flavour Academy

This experience can also be adapted to groups of bartenders and chefs who would like to increase their knowledge of wild produce – flora and fauna - and how to make best use of the botanicals for flavouring food and drinks. The format and price of the Academy is tailored to each group.

“Having taken many groups to enjoy a foraging and flavour culinary experience, I never cease to be amazed at the fantastic flavour combinations that we encounter and how well they accompany a great dram. Often my guests represent many nationalities from all over the world and on more than one occasion Ghillie has surprised them by creating a traditional dish which they remember from their childhood but had long since been forgotten.”
(Tristan Campbell, Brand Ambassador, Pernod Ricard)

"Zeki left me thinking that reconnecting with the natural world isn't just an enjoyable hobby to pursue, but an essential everyone should strive for."
(Rachel Batty, The Orcadian)