“We simply open our doors and invite you in.”

We are a small family business - mother, daughter, son and DOGS!

We come together for some of the experiences but we also work independently of each other so you could, in fact, book a day with each of us – 3 days with one family – that is unique.

“When you’re happy, we’re happy!”

Ghillie Basan

“Most famous food gurus live a high life of Michelin-starred restaurants, champagne-drenched parties and the very best of urban living. Allow us to introduce an exception to that rule: the intrepid and rather remarkable Ghillie Basan”
Landrover One Life

Ghillie is your chief host all year round.  An internationally acclaimed writer and broadcaster, she has converted a ruined croft into a home and raised her children there on her own.  It is a wild and beautiful landscape that is, at times, harsh and snowbound requiring tremendous resilience and organization as well as a three-mile ski to bring in supplies.

With her Cordon Bleu training and university degree in Social Anthropology, Ghillie has travelled extensively to research and write over 40 books on different culinary cultures. She is often dubbed the ‘Original Spice Girl’ in media circles and it is spices that she specializes in. With her flavour expertise, Ghillie has created global food pairings for whisky brands and it is this knowledge and skill that she brings to all her food and whisky experiences.

To find out more about Ghillie, her books, podcasts, cookery workshops and her holiday cottage, please go to her website: www.ghilliebasan.com and follow her on instagram @ghilliebasan

"Visitors from far and wide visit Ghillie’s stunning, remote Highland home to experience outstanding cookery classes and hospitality. Scotland is enormously lucky to have such a natural ambassador for the industry."
Fiona Richmond, Food and Drink Scotland

Yazzie Basan

Yazzie is a qualified ski coach, personal trainer and cook. In the winter, she coaches skiing in Switzerland but, in the summer, she divides her time between running her own fitness retreats in the Highlands and cooking for private clients. With several years of experience as a cook on chartered yachts in the Mediterranean and in shooting lodges in Scotland, Yazzie is an accomplished host and chef. Whenever she is home she helps to host and cook for the guests of Spirit & Spice.

You can find out more about Yazzie’s business ventures www.yazbasan.co.uk and follow her on instagram @wildernessfit and @yazzie.baz

With Yazzie you can also book:

1. A fitness session or retreat using the rocks, trees and the natural contours of landscape combined with trail running, yoga, relaxation and good food

2. A day or evening sailing trip on a yacht on the west coast with lunch or dinner on board.

Zeki Basan

Zeki is a keen outdoorsman and film maker. In the winter he works as a Glacier Guide in Iceland and in the summer he works as a Survival Skills Instructor and leads his own courses in the Cairngorms. He is particularly interested in the skills our ancestors used to live in nature and, in an attempt to hold on to traditions, he makes his own films on these skills and on people who have stories to tell and skills we can learn from.

Whenever he can, Zeki helps to host Spirit & Spice and runs the traditional skills side of it.

You can find out more about Zeki on www.highlandsurvivalskills.com

With Zeki you can also book a day of:

1. Traditional tanning and softening of salmon skins to make beautiful sturdy leather

2. Traditional skinning and butchering and learning how to use every part of an animal

The Dogs